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Do you want to know all of the secrets that it takes to be a successful wedding photographer? Guess what.... I'm spilling the beans at the gorgeous Chandler Oaks barn in St. Augustine, FL on May 6th! In a 6 hour interactive workshop. I'm sharing the do's and dont's that Ive learned over the years and the keys things that it takes to have a thriving business. You will learn about social media and how to have a positive online presence. How to attract your ideal clients, How to have vendor relationships that set you apart from others, and most of all how to give your clients the experience that they deserve. One that will leave them ranting and raving about you!You will leave feeling more confident than ever before with the tips and tools you need to have a thiving business. Oh and did I mention, gorgeous images from an over-the-top elegant editorial shoot. I cant wait to be your biggest cheerleader and share my konwledge with you!

I whole-heartedly believe that there is enough success in this industry for everyone. If youre open for growth and put in some work, theres no reason why you cant have a successful photography business. I've invested in my business by investing in education and thats one of the things that has got me to where I am today. I cant wait to teach you all that I've learned over the years. Theres no reason why you cant get gorgeous images like that one over there and leave every wedding feeling like you just nailed it!

$400 Mentor sessions Mentor Sessions are for the photographer that wants to learn and grow their business. These sessions are catered to your needs and what you want to grow in. They are two hours, and include an opportunity to assist Mandee on a real-life wedding day as well. I only take 6 sessions per year so space is limited.
$700 The Workshop The workshop is a hands-on, interactive, 6 hours of training and education. This is for the photographer looks to grow in the wedding industry. This includes two hours of a gorgeous editorial shoot that you can use for your portfolio. Our next workshop is May 6th, 2018 at Chandler Oaks Barn in St. Augustine, FL.

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