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I'm Mandee, a local to the Jacksonville area and a lover of Jesus. I'm married to the love of my life, Chad whos active duty in the United Stated Navy as a Rescue Swimmer. We have three beautiful children, Kingston, our 8 year old son. Ansley + Adalene, who are our identical twin girls that are 3 are our little miracles! Growing up I never imagined I would be a wedding photographer but looking back, I couldn't imagine doing anything else! I stumbled across photography when I had my son 8 years ago and started to learn, just because I wanted to take some good pictures of him. I didn't know that I was going to fall in love with it and be able to do this for a living though! If you know me, you know that I absolutely love my job and lot of days I cant believe I get to do this. When I'm not a wedding photographer, you can find me at my church serving on the worship or photography team. If I'm not there, I'm sure you can find me spending time with my family. Being that my husband was deployed for 2 of the first 3 years of our marriage, quality family time is super important to me and I try to take advantage of all the family time that I can get! When my husbands able to, he loves to assist me at weddings and sessions. A few things that you absolutely need to know about me is that I could live off macaroni and cheese, I cant sleep without a fan, and my favorite movie of all time is Grease. I watched the VHS so many times when I was younger that I broke it, several of them. I would love to get to know you, if you're looking for a wedding photographer be sure to put your info in the contact from and lets chat! 

My Family

Our Story

So to make a long story, short. I actually photographedmy first wedding by accident. I had been doing family photograhy for a while and was wanting to learn more about the wedding industry so I asked one of my friends if I could come get some experiences on their wedding day. They had alaready hired a photograper, but cleared it with them that I come and just see what wedding photography was all about. The wedding day came and I went. I was getting some portraits of the bride getting ready and she gets a text... was from the photographer. She wasnt coming. The bride looked over at me and said "Can you do this? Can you photograph our wedding?" Terrifed, I answered "Yes, no big deal!" I was freaking out inside because I wanted this day to be perfect for them. Little did I know that later I would leave tht wedding feeling so fufilled and happy. I knew from that moment that this was what I was supposed to be doing with my life. It that was the beginning...

My Favorites

• Flowers on everything
• All white rooms for getting ready in
• Pastels and neutrals 
• Calligraphy fonts
• Unique details
• Elegant table scapes
• Spray painting everything gold
• SPARKLES and glitter
• Candles. Everywhere. 
• Wedding gowns with sleeves

My Philosophy A bride and groom should connect with their photographer, trust their photographer and be EXCITED about the whole process with them! After booking, I love getting to know my clients through an ENGAGEMENT SESSION that helps them warm up to the camera so that they are ready to rock and roll on the wedding day!
The Experience Your wedding day is an experience from beginning to end and your photography is a huge part of that experience..... shouldn’t it be fun? and enjoyable? and natural? I think so! My goal is to not only capture memories for my clients, it’s to create an experience that they will never forget.


Because we like to give our clients the best experience that we can, we only accept a limited amount of weddings per year. The average investment to book the Mandee Matthews team is about $4000-$5000. Our collections begin at $3500 and that include 8 hours of wedding coverage, a complimentary engagment session, all of the edited images, online gallery and print release. 

Wedding Collections from $3500
COUple Sessions from $400

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