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Three things that make Wedding Photographers smile

I just wanted to share a little of my heart with y’all because I don’t think my clients know just how much these things make me smile. Let me start by saying that I have the world’s BEST couples and they always make my day with these little things, and if you have been recently married these are a few little things to make your wedding photographer smile.

1.Blow up your social media with your wedding or engagement images.  

You guys, I’m friends with pretty much all of my couples on social media and I cannot even explain the amount of joy that I get when I see couples posting their engagement and wedding pictures. This may sound like a small thing, but it means the world to me. And can I just be honest? When I’m scrolling through Facebook and I see an image that I took, it makes my heart skip a beat.

2. Give your photographer photo credit on social media

When you’re blowing up your social media with all of those gorgeous images, don’t forget to give them photo credit by tagging their business Instagram or Facebook. I cannot even count the amount of inquiries that I’ve received on Social Media and it’s because of my sweet couples sharing images and tagging me so it makes it really easy for someone to just click on my page and contact me.

3. Tell all of your engaged friends about your wedding photographer

Last year, I had the joy of photographing the sweetest couple. One of her bridesmaids was recently engaged and because of her experience with me at her friends wedding and my couple bragging about me, she ended up booking me too. So I got to photograph both of their weddings and they were bridesmaids in each others weddings. It melted my heart being able to be apart of these best friends big days! I have several stories that I could tell you about previous couples telling their friends about their experience with us and that leading to them booking with us.

I seriously have the BEST couples on the planet and I am so thankful for them. I’m sure they don’t realize the impact these three things have on this business of mine so I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you that show me so much love and refer me to your friends. Without you guys I wouldn’t be able to keep doing what I love and I am SO grateful for that.


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