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Three ways to ensure the best getting ready and detail shots

We all know that Brides love every little detail of their wedding captured. When you look back on your day in 30 years you want to remember that little DIY project you and your friends slaved over for hours, you want to remember every detail of your bridal bouquet, and you want to remember all of the jewelry, the things that were passed down, and your “something borrowed”. I’ve learned alot over the last few years about how to ensure that we get the best detail shots and make sure that we have plenty of time to capture those “getting ready” shots. Here are three ways to ensure the best getting ready and detail shots.

  1. Gather all the details

The best way to make it seamless for your photographer to start working their magic as soon as they arrive is to have all of your details gathered in one place. This may sound minuscule but it makes a world of difference. Here are the things that you should gather and bring to have photographed: Your jewelry (necklace, rings, bracelets), jewelry boxes, the rings, the veil, your shoes, your dress, perfume, your something borrowed and blue and DONT FORGET your invitation suite. That is something not every bride remembers since its sent out so far in advance, but dont you want a gorgeous flat-lay image of your invitation to look back on?

2. Make sure your bouquet is delivered early

This is a BIG one, most of the time after the getting ready and detail time-slot of the day we wont have time to go back and photograph the bouquet. So its always a good idea to have your bouquet delivered at the same time your photographer is set to arrive because most of the time, the detail shots are going to be the first thing your photographer gets working on. And lets face it, it is super gorgeous when you have those blooms making a debut in the jewelry and detail shots. So be sure to have your flowers delivered early.

3. Make sure you have all THREE rings

The is one of the most common things that are missing when we are doing detail shots. Alot of people think that the guys should keep both or one of the rings but be sure to hold onto all three rings for detail shots. We can make sure the guys have the rings before the ceremony starts but its best that we have all three of those gorgeous rings for the detail shots. There have been ALOT of times that I’ve had to photograph all the rings during the reception and unfortunately we just don’t have all of the other details to pair them with to get the best shot we can of them. So this one is a big one, be sure to have all three rings available for the detail portraits at the beginning of the day.

When all three of these things happen we are able to finish our detail shots in a timely matter so that gives us more time for gorgeous getting ready shots and extra time to do a few posed shots. These are just a few ways to make your day go seamless and ensure that you get the best of the best portraits. Are there any other ways that you have found to be helpful? Leave them in the comments 🙂



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