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Quinn Alan | Birth – 2 Months


Hey Friends,

If you guys follow my personal social media, you know that in November I gave birth to our 4th child, a baby boy named Quinn Alan. He was premature and born almost 6 weeks early due to me being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. My doctor sent me to Labor + Delivery at least 6 times before due to hypertension and other signs of pre-eclampsia so we just assumed that everything would check out and we would be right back home. It didn’t work out that way though, every time before my blood pressure would drop back down into normal limits so they would let me go home. This time it wasn’t budging and was staying super high. So they kept me over night and had me see the High risk doctor first thing in the morning. He went ahead and diagnosed me with eclampsia and told my husband and I that we would be having our sweet baby boy within the next 48 hours. He wanted me to try and get two rounds of steroids to help develop baby Quinn’s lungs since he was so early but if my symptoms increased at all, they were going to go ahead and deliver him. I made it 24 hours and was able to get one round of steroids before my symptoms increased and they decided to go ahead and deliver him. It was about 4:30am when they wheeled me back into the OR and baby Quinn decided to make his appearance at 4:47am. He was 5 lbs 12 ounces, a head full of hair, cute as can be and a strong set of lungs. Before I was even able to lay my eyes on him, I heard him crying which put my mind at ease because I was so nervous that due to his prematurity he would have to be on a breathing machine. But he didn’t, he was so perfect, handsome and healthy!

They took him straight back to the NICU because of how early he was. We assumed that he would be able to go home with us from the hospital because of how big and healthy he was. Our twins were born a week earlier than him and were over a pound smaller than him and had a little bit of trouble breathing in the beginning so with the awesome start we were off to with Quinn we just assumed he would be brought right back to us. Unfortunately, they had to keep him in the NICU to monitor him. And because of the medication they had me on due to pre-eclampsia I wasn’t even able to go see him for 24 hours. That was probably the longest 24 hours of my life.

My husband and family were able to go the NICU and see him though. They were able to take me to see him once I was off the medication for 24 hours and they started it at 5am, so I told the nurse to come and wake me up at 5am so the second it hits 24 hours, I could go hold my son. She did, and I got to go see him. He was absolutely perfect, so tiny but still bigger than his sisters when they were born so he looked big and healthy to me! I think Chad and I spent more time in the NICU than we did in the hospital room. They released me to go home a few days after he was born but this sweet boy had to stay behind. It was so hard leaving the hospital without our baby boy but I knew he was in good hands. He developed jaundice a few days after he was born so he had to be under the UV lights to break up the bilirubin in his system. He had a hard time getting the mechanics down on how to eat so that was the main reason he has to stay behind. 

He had to learn how to eat, and that is hard work when you enter the world that you aren’t even supposed to be in for 6 more weeks. We went back and forth to the NICU every single day to spend time with him but leaving him there at the end of the day was so hard. After about a week in the NICU they were able to move him to the Weaver Tower which is for babies that are stable but are just having to learn to eat and the good thing about that is that we were finally able to have a private room that even had a couch that we could sleep on at night! So My husband, my mom and I took turns staying with him through the night, which was amazing because we got to spend more time with him. It was getting close to Thanksgiving and I was getting so nervous that he was going to have to spend Thanksgiving in the NICU. He started to eat better and would eat a good bit of his bottle every few feedings but he had to be eating good consistently before they would let him go home. Two days before Thanksgiving the Doctor made her rounds and I asked her if we could possibly be out of there for Thanksgiving and she said that they could pull his feeding tube and see how he does with his feedings for 24 hours through the bottle and not getting anything through his feeding tube. He had to eat a certain amount of milk within the 24 hours span and gain weight to be able to go home. He ended up eating EXACTLY the amount of ml’s that he had to eat in the 24 hour period and he gained 2 ounces SO on Thanksgiving morning we got to bring him home! We were all so excited, especially our 3 older children because they hadn’t even got to meet their baby brother yet because the NICU would allow anyone under 18 during flu season. So our oldest son Kingston who is 9, absolutely HATES taking pictures.. I think he is just fed up of having a camera in his face for the last 9 years haha BUT look at how big his smile is! He was just SO happy and beaming with joy. And the girls.. well they always smile for the camera but they just couldn’t wait to get their hands on this little baby boy that they get to play with everyday. 

We got to spend Thanksgiving together as a family of 6 for the very first time and I have to say that it was probably my favorite Thanksgiving yet! SO our fun began with a newborn at home with us. The girls wanted to do EVERYTHING. They wanted to hold him, feed him, help change him.. anything and everything we would let them do. It was the cutest. Anytime Quinn would make a wimper or cry, Ansley would say “It’s okay baby Quinn, you home now!” It just tugs on my heart strings!

Of course we had to do a little at home photoshoot after we got home, These are from when Quinn was 19 days old and had been home for about 5 days! He was still in Preemie clothes and weighing about 7 lbs at this point which is smaller than most newborns when they are born! 

Not long after Thanksgiving I just left to go to the grocery store and Chad called me and said “Have you seen this huge bump on Quinn’s stomach?” I told him I hadn’t noticed anything and he asked me to come straight home to look at it. We called his Pediatrician and I explained it to the nurse and she told us to go ahead and take him to the emergency room. As soon as we got there, they took us straight back and the doctor came in within probably 5 minutes. The doctor explained to us that Quinn had an inguinal hernia and the only option was surgery. For those that might not know what that is, because I didn’t before this, it is where he has a hole in his abdomen wall and his intestines are pushing out through it. The doctor said he was going to call the surgery center and see if they wanted to go ahead and do it right then. They decided that we could go home and schedule an appointment with the surgeon because of how small Quinn was, they didn’t want to put him under anesthesia unless they had to. We ended up meeting with the surgeon on December 14th, and he was more concerned that his intestines would get stuck outside his abdomen wall then putting him under anesthesia. So he wanted to schedule the surgery for as soon as possible, so that ended up being on Christmas Eve and he told us that we would have to stay over night so they could monitor him after the surgery. It wasn’t ideal for our family but we just went with it and readjusted our schedule to make Christmas as enjoyable as possible. So we pretended that Christmas was on the Saturday before and celebrated early with the kids. They didn’t really know any difference and if they did, they didn’t complain about it because they got to open their presents 3 days early! 

Christmas Eve morning came and we got to the hospital before 7am to get into a room and get set for his surgery. It was a scary morning, and Chad and I were both so anxious but we just took it minute by minute. They took us back in pre-op and let us hold him until the very minute they would take him back to the OR. We loved on him,prayed over him and just stared at how stinking cute he was, up until the second the nurse came and got him to take him back. I would be lying if I said that I held it together. I had faith that everything was going to be fine and God was going to guide that surgeons hand and that the surgery would be flawless but it was still so hard handing my baby over to this stranger that was going to take him back and do surgery on him.

The surgery took about an hour, the longest hour of my life. About 30 minutes into the surgery the Doctor called the nurse to tell her to let us know that they found a second hernia on the other side and that they were closing that one up as well but everything was going great. Finally the surgeon came out and said everything went great and we could go see our son. We spent the night that night with no incidents so they let us go home Christmas morning. Needless to say, it has been a very eventful two months with this sweet boy but he’s doing great and growing everyday! Oh and this was our attempt at a family picture of all 6 of us… it was on a tripod and I set it on a timer. Yall should have seen me trying to run in heels trying to get in position. Kingston thought it was hilarious.

These are some pictures that we took to give to our family for Christmas of the kids. The first one of Quinn’s little smirk is one of my favorites!

And last but not least, these are the most recent pictures of our sweet boy on the day he turned two months old. He is sleeping at least a 5 hour span every night (finally) woo hoo, and is starting to coo and smile. This morning he gave his big sister one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen yet, I wish I would have gotten a picture of it!

I hope you guys enjoyed our little adventure from the past few months. This year I will be sharing a lot more family and personal stuff on the blog. I really wanted to blog more of the kids but I thought it just wouldn’t make sense to make a whole other website just for family stuff when you guys are basically family anyways and I love sharing with you about our life. So stayed tuned for the next crazy blog post, I think it might be about the twins and their adventure as little ballerinas! Hope y’all have a great week!









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